Monday, 16 February 2015

♡ Huge Haul: Topshop, ASOS, Zara, New Look, River Island and More! ♡

 Huge Haul 

Before I start my haul I just want to clarify that these items were purchased over the space of a few weeks with money I worked for over the Christmas holidays which I saved. Most of these items were purchased for my trip to Amsterdam on the 23rd February which I am extremely excited for!!

Beginning with one of my favourite shops, Zara, I finally got the iconic Eye Print Dress that I have been after for ages, the style fits me perfectly due to my height and the neoprene material is so soft and cool which would be great for the summer. I purchased this online for only £25, which is extremely good in comparison to others due to it being genuine and not a replica. 

Carrying on with the neoprene theme, when I was in Norwich on Valentines with my boyfriend, I looked around Topshop and spotted a beautiful blue coat, only to be disheartened by the £80 price tag that came along with it but soon found that in Zara he spotted the exact same in the sale for only £29.99. I knew that there wasn't going to be another chance to get a coat of this high value for this cost, especially due to the fact its neoprene, so knew I had to purchase it. I will be taking both of these items to Amsterdam with me as I think their quirkiness would fit in wonderfully!

For some reason I have decided to photograph these all in a random collection so bare with me if they're all a bit all over the place haha. Also in Norwich I went to River Island and Primark. I don't normally shop in River Island as their sizing doesn't fit me properly but when I saw this cute cropped tee I had to buy it. For some reason the simplicity and New York aspect of it reminded me of Rachel Green from Friends, one of my ultimate style icons. I also rarely shop in Primark as I can't cope with the messiness and chaos of it but as we had time to spare we decided to take a look. For the past week or so on various blogs and Instagram posts I have seen many people purchasing these simple black slip-ons from Primark and they seemed perfect for summer for the beach or for everyday wear. When I found them, and realised the were only £8 I didn't even hesitate to buy them. Although they're not everyone's cup of tea, for slip-on shoes they're ideal and ridiculously comfy! 

I'm always that person that falls for the impulse buys so when queuing for the tills I saw these jogging shorts (which I use at sleep/beach shorts) for only £3, and considering I've been trying to find comfy sleep shorts for ages, especially now Amsterdam is so close, I thought that I may as well pick up a few pairs whilst I was there! 

I was also surprised to see this Coachella style crotchet crop top on the rails of Primark. I have wanted one of these for years, Vanessa Hudgens fueling my need for one whenever she posts her throw back photos from Coachella, so I needed to buy this before they were all gone. This was only £10, a bargain compared to what they would charge in other stores. I absolutely love this top as it never goes out of style and its perfect for summer, festivals and beach days and could even be paired with a pair of the jogging shorts for when I'm down the beach or on holiday!
The last thing I purchased from Primark were these adorable tan cut out shoes. I need a new pair of shoes for college for when the weather starts to get better and these would be perfect for that. I was torn between the two colours, tan and black, but decided to buy the tan colour as it seemed more summery but as they're so comfy I might be tempted to go back and purchase the black alternatives also. They were only £12 so for a good, sturdy pair of shoes that are super comfortable to walk in that seemed extremely reasonable to me. 
I also nipped in to New Look to get some nude, sheer tights and when queuing, once again I was drawn in by the impulse buys with this canvas shopper. I love the quote as it made me laugh and I always need a bag like this for my sketchbooks at college. This was a steal at only £2.50, it wasn't even in any sales!

In my town center we don't have many shops, only having New Look and a few others. When I went in quickly the other day for some bits and pieces for Amsterdam I found these Black and White patterned trousers. I love this style but can never find a pair that fit my leg length but risked it due to their price of only £14.99. I am so pleased that I purchased them as they are so comfy and the length isn't too short, which is what I was unsure of. They're made of an almost stretchy kind of fabric so when you put them on they instantly shape to your body which is extremely flattering. I have already worn these out and have actually been complimented by strangers which was both odd but comforting as now I know they don't look ridiculous on me. I plan to take these with me next week as they work well with a simple black high neck or a white cropped tee. I think these would be wearable in both the colder months as well as when it gets warmer. 
As originally intended, I went to New Look for nightwear but for some reason they didn't have any so I settled for a few slouchy tees that I could also wear as normal tees as well as sleepwear. I also took advantage of the 3 for £4 offer they had on their socks and purchased these adorable socks.

The last few things I got from New Look were a simple grey hoodie for £14,99, which is in the wash at the minute, and this striped blue shirt. I absolutely adore this shirt as its relaxed fit is perfect for both casual, lazy days and times where I want to going out and do things. I was attracted to it as it seemed great for days at college when I don't know what to wear and I can just throw something on. Although its quite sheer, you can get away with wearing a crop or cami underneath or wear it undone over another top, a great look for the Spring/Summer seasons. I can't wait to wear this as I think it is so versatile and will work with so many looks. I'm not entirely sure how much this cost as I cant remember but if I recall it was around £19.99 which is a good price for a shirt of such high quality.

I couldn't take a trip to Norwich and not visit Topshop so whilst I was there I purchased this adorable underwear in the 3 for £10 deal. I find the cat ones hilarious and couldn't not get them! I have always loved the Topshop underwear as they're so comfy and such good value for money. My only issue is the sizing as I'm a different size in the different styles which is so annoying as I always forget! I also purchased a high neck over-sized navy jumper but as I wore that yesterday I stupidly put it in the wash before photographing it. 

Being an A Level Photography student has its perks as it gives me an excuse to pick up these adorable disposable cameras for the Amsterdam Trip. They were on offer in Boots for 2 for £8.50, which to me is quite expensive but I cant complain as I will have memories that will last forever thanks to them. I love the retro pattern to them because they just look so pretty. I have a collection of cameras, both film and digital, already so these would be a lovely and decorative addition to my collection.  
I have an obsession with online shopping, which was settled with this ridiculous ASOS sales order which came to only £15! I found this Red Ribbed Crop Top for only £3, this Black Cross Over Crop for only £4 and and these bras for £8 for all three! I was so so so pleased with this as I have been after a triangle bra for ages and to find them for less than £4 was incredible. I just cant wait for the summer so I can get a chance to wear all these without turning into an ice cube. I have paired the Red Crop already with a pair of ripped jeans from Topshop as I love the 90's vibe they have. 
I absolutely love love love the triangle bras as being someone who isn't exactly blessed in that department, they are so flattering and delicate and I cant wait to purchase more in the future!

The last product in my haul is the one and only, Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz Brow Pencil in the shade Medium Brown. I have been after this beauty product for ages after seeing so many positive reviews on it and 
after debating for so long I finally reached into my pocket to get it. I am so pleased with this product as although I never overdone my brows anyway, this helps shape and add more definition, creating a strong brow. I purchased this off of the website for £15.50 with free P&P. 

That is the end of my haul and I would just like to say that I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines Day and got to spend it with their loved ones because I was lucky enough to get that chance and I loved every minute of it.
Thank you!

Sunday, 1 February 2015

♡ Glossybox Review- January Contents ♡

♡ Glossy Box Review 

As a new monthly post I have decided to post reviews on my monthly subscription to the company Glossybox. If you're unaware as to what they do they are an online company that send sample, and full, size products of various makeup and cosmetic brands for a fraction of their retail price. For only £12 a month, inc postage, it is such good value for money as every month its like opening a present full of luxury goodies. I have been subscribed for nearly three years now which is crazy but just goes to show how amazing these boxes are! As well as showcasing new, upcoming brands you also receive drugstore and high end products such as Elizabeth Arden, HD Brows and Sleek, to name a few! The products come packaged in a beautiful patterned box, revealing the classic pink Glossybox, which comes in various patterns depending on the theme of the months box. 

In my January box I received a variety of things, both small and large. The first item that caught my eye was the Kueshi Natural & Pleasant Cosmetics Revitalizing Face Toner. Firstly, the packaging of the toner is simplistic and extremely feminine, the pink instantly attracting my attention. With Aloe Vera, Chamomile and Calendula extracts this not only looks appealing but smells delicious. Designed to re-balance modern skin it has a clever alchemy of natural ingredients and science-led formulations to soothe, calm and re-hydrate your skin. After using this a few times myself I can definitely say it does the job and for only $10.70 for 200ml you cant complain!

The next item I saw was the MeMeMe Eyeliner Pencil in the shade Clay, a British based company that has created the 'perfect' eye pencil which is long lasting and extra soft against your skin. I am yet to try this out but after receiving many of MeMeMe's cosmetics in my previous GlossyBox's I trust that they have produced a good product. This is also a steal at only £4!

Also in the box was the Nicka K New York Colorluxe Powder Blush in the shade Romantic. This is a loose powder packed in a faux metal pot with an attached soft sponge applicator. The design of the product is genius as it guarantees no mess as the powder is compact within its packaging. I love this product as it brings colour and a rose look to your cheeks, finishing off your makeup. It also comes with a handy compact mirror at the top of the product, on the removable lid for on the go application. This product is $8.95.

Another well featured brand throughout the Glossy Box's is a company called Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics. This month I was sent the All Over Glow Luminizer Gel, a brilliant product as it is oil-free so eliminates breakouts and it packed with micronized pearlescent pigments to highlight your cheekbones and catch the light for a natural radiant glow that isn't glittery. I find this product is best for more natural makeup days when you don't want an over dramatic highlight but still want a little extra help. You can buy this product for only £10 which is very good considering it is a large bottle.

Finally I received a Naked Lips Organic Lip Balm Superfruit which is a combination of blueberry, acai, goji, baobab and pomegranate. With its 100% natural formula and 97% organic fruits it is sweet tasting and extremely moisturising. Packed full of oils from the worlds most anti-oxidant rich fruits, berries it leaves lips nourished with a subtle glossy look to them. Unlike rival lipbalm products, this doesn't leave a waxy feel to your lips as its slick formula glides across your lips leaving them fresh, hydrated and smelling delicious. This product is also extremely good value for money, only $5!

I hope this post helps decide whether or not to sign up for Glossybox as I have never been disappointed, all the products are of such high standard and you're guaranteed great results each month. 

Thank you!

Hannah ♡

Sunday, 11 January 2015

♡ Review: Yves Saint Laurent Shocking Mascara ♡

♡ Yves Saint Laurent Shocking Mascara

After seeing so many reviews and positive responses to YSL mascaras, I decided that it was time to treat myself. I have been after a new mascara and recently I haven't been impressed by anything that the high street brands are offering so the answer was to look elsewhere. 

Due to living in a smaller town, our high street doesn't have much to offer, luckily with Norwich just a train ride away I was able to have a look around the shops to find what I was after. After an unsuccessful visit to MAC, as it was far too busy for me to even be able to look around, I went to House of Fraser. At first, I came across the Urban Decay counter, their Naked Palettes being another makeup item I was wondering whether or not to buy. I am personally not that into eye-shadow, although I use the MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre everyday, I'm not one to experiment so spending that much on something I might not even use helped with my decision of not buying it. 
Once I had a quick look around the other counters, I went straight for the YSL counter, knowing I had a clear idea of what I wanted to buy. Luckily, and to my surprise, the wonderful and lovely Lucy from LucyandLydia worked at the counter and helped me make the right choice. 

I ended up purchasing the Shocking Mascara due to Lucy's high recommendation and its voluminous and thick results. It was £24.50 which is obviously rather expensive for a mascara, but it is honestly worth every penny. As soon as I applied this to my eyelashes I felt a dramatic difference as they felt thicker, healthier and became noticeably different. I am so pleased that I purchased this as I have had so many more compliments and comments towards the fullness and length of my eyelashes. As well as it being an amazing product, the classic golden packaging is also another highlight. Along with the other YSL products, it offers beauty and elegance before the product itself is even seen, setting a remarkable standard for itself as well as presenting the brand and product with a high quality. I paired this with the Yves Saint Laurent Le Teint Touche Éclat Foundationthat Lucy kindly gave me some samples of, another product that I am extremely impressed with. This will most definitely be a product I am sure I will repurchase as my lashes haven't felt this healthy for a long time. This product most definitely justifies its price tag and would be suitable for all lengths and styles of lashes.

I hope this review helps any unsure minds with regards to this incredible product and if you would like me to do a review of the Yves Saint Laurent Le Teint Touche Éclat Foundation or any other products then just let me know. 

Thank you!

Hannah ♡

Sunday, 28 December 2014

♡ Boxing Day Sales Haul ♡


This Boxing Day I decided to rummage around the shops in my local high street to see if I could pick up any discounts, due to only having a few shops to actually look around, I kept to New Look, Waterstones and Peacocks, the only shops that take my fancy. Considering I only took twenty minutes to look around, as well as the fact I had to get to work also, I picked up quite a few things for really good prices. It wasn't as busy as I intended and I was surprised to see the town so empty especially with all the sales. 

Here is my collective haul from the various shops (minus a black dress that I have already worn which is in the wash and the items I purchased as presents to be given throughout the year).

I went to New Look first, stumbling across a few items both in the sale and the new lines. I picked up this adorable outfit, the Tartan Box Shirt in a Size 10 as that was the smallest size they had, discounted to only £7 which instantly drew me to it. I then went back to the shop later and picked up this A-Line Black Skirt with Gold Zip Detailing in a Size 6 for only £9, it is so comfy and is now a staple item in my wardrobe. 

Tartan Box Top - £7.00

A-Line Skirt with Zips - £9.00

Carrying on with the New Look sale, I then found a Over-sized Grey Tee for £5, but it only had it in a Size 14.. so it is extremely over-sized but nevertheless still ridiculously comfortable. I paired it with a tartan skirt from Peacocks which was in the sales for £8 but due to my staff discount, I also got another 20% off, which resulted in it only costing me £6.40. The skirt is high-waisted, whilst still falling just above my knees, the only issue being that the waist is slightly too big but that is easily fixed with a belt.

Over-sized Grey Tee - £5.00

Tartan Skirt - £6.40                                                                        Ankle Boots - £22.00

Along with the tartan skirt, from Peacocks I also purchased a Monochrome Tweed Jacket for £12.00 (£9.60 with my staff discount), which I have loved ever since I first saw it, so it was only natural for me to purchase it, especially for this price and although they were not in the sale, I got some ankle boots for £22.00 (£17.60 with staff discount), which is still an incredible price for a decent, well built pair of boots.

I love the jacket as it pulls together any outfit and it great for both casual and smart looks. The pattern is so popular at the minute and the monochromatic colour allows it to be worn with anything, within reason of course, proving its vast versatility for its little price. I chose a size 8 for a more fitted look instead of the size bigger as I felt this was more structured so a larger size would have looked out of proportion. 

Monochrome Blazer- £12.00

Finally, I took one last trip to New Look, this time looking at the non sale items, looking for a comfy throw on jumper/sweatshirt for college. I soon found a simple black slogan sweatshirt for only £13.50 (with my student discount) which I fell in love with as it was perfect for lazy days and just days when I'm not sure what to wear. I got this in a Size 10 for a more over-sized, relaxed and comfy look. 

Black Slogan Sweatshirt- £14.99

That is the end of my Boxing Day Haul but I hope you like some of the things I have purchased and I'll be sure to let you know on my instagram @hanahdelevingne how I get on with these items! If you have any suggestions of posts you would like me to do then let me know in the comments. 

Thank you!


Saturday, 27 December 2014

A Fresh Start

Hello strangers!

So after leaving this blog abandoned for two years, I have decided to reinvent it and give it a brand new look and style. For those who have stayed loyal and still view and follow this blog.. I do not understand why as reading through the old posts and the contents of them are just incredibly embarrassing but hilarious. I would like to use this blog to express my love for fashion and photography, whilst also showing various aspects of my lifestyle, especially now that I am in college. I would love to share my style and the odd bit of help, much like before only much better and without those delightful photos. 

I hope to build up an effective fashion an style blog to share my passion with those who share similar interests. I should hopefully stick to my word and shall try to post regularly.

Thank you!

Hannah ♡

Monday, 8 April 2013

Fragrance Direct Haul


Anyway, I thought I would share with you what I purchased from Fragrance Direct-
 I spent only £21, so you'll understand how happy I was to get all of this (and more!). Some of the products are missing due to my mum- sorry!

(From left to right) 080 Cherry Pop Maybelline Colour Sensation Pop Stick (£1.99), Calvin Klein Desire Crème Lipstick (£1.99), Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick in 122 Stylish (£1.99), Essie Mojoto Madness (£1.99), Essie Off The Shoulder (£1.99), Essie Action (£1.99), Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lipstick in 400 Berry Queen (£1.99), Rimmel London 60 Seconds in 805 Grey Matter (£0.99), Rimmel London 1000 Kisses Lip Tint in 300 Perpetual Plum (I did not purchase this on fragrancedirect but I do know it is available on there).

I will gradually post reviews so if anyone has any questions ill be happy to answer!

(P&P: First Class £1.99, Second Class £2.99) 

Love you all!


Sunday, 7 April 2013

Skin Care and Treatment

(As seen on IG|stylelikevogue where I also post these)

The key to healthy, clear skin is a good skin routine.

1- Remove all makeup using either liquid makeup remover or makeup wipes. I use Simple Kind To Eyes Eye Make Up Remover for removing eye makeup and Lacura 3 in 1 Cleansing Wipes for my face and neck. (The Simple range can be purchased in any major drugstore. The Lacura range can be purchased at Aldi. Although you wouldn't think of Aldi being known for skin cafe products, their Lacura range is excellent and well worth a try!). 

2- Cleansing and Toning. This is a vital part in the skin care routine as although many people do not cleanse and tone their skin, it's important that you do. Cleansers and Toners can be purchased in any brand but, like most skin products, I prefer to use the Good Things range. Good Things Deep Pore Anti-Blemish Cleanser is an excellent cleanser that if used daily will remove any hidden dirt from your pores. Using cotton wool, apply the cleanser to your face and neck, you'll be surprised at the result and it will make you realise just how dirty skin gets. 

3- This is optional. I find that using a face pack once or twice a week cleans your pores and brings out all the bad bacteria that you don't want. I use MONO Warming Aromatic Mask but face packs can be purchased practically anywhere now for all sorts of prices. 

4- MOISTURISE! This is the most important factor in the routine. You have to moisturise. Using moisturiser at least twice a day will keep your skin healthy and hydrated and will prevent your skin from flaking, going powdery and if you wear foundation it will give a smoother effect. For those of you who do wear skin makeup, you have to moisturise regularly as foundations and powders are prone to drying out skin so it is important that you keep your skin hydrated. I use Good Things Miracle Mattifier Moisturiser but moisturisers can be purchased from a wide variety of brands in any drugstores/supermarkets. 

5- This step is only for those who suffer from dark circles or 'bags' under their eyes. If you suffer from dark circles, much like myself, then this is a product that is worth investing in. Good Things Bright Eyes Eye Cream reduces dark circles and puffiness.

6- Spot treatment. For years I had been hunting down a good spot treatment but last year I finally found one! Good Things Stop That Spot is a clearing gel which works wonders at reducing redness and visibility of acne and occasional spots. Using tubes or bottled spot gels and creams are much better than using wands or sticks. Wands and sticks = more spots. Using a wand spreads the bacteria around your skin, causing the issue to escalate which is the opposite of what should happen. I highly recommend not to use wands or sticks if you suffer from skin problems as they will NOT work! 

I hope this helped some how, please leave your feed back- I'd love to hear your opinions! The products listed can be seen at the end of this post.

Love you all!

All of the products mentioned are available to purchase at any major drugstore and/or supermarkets.