Saturday, 6 April 2013

Review Of The Week- Rimmel Lipsticks

Review Of The Week: 

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Over the past few weeks I have been attempting to build up my Rimmel lipstick collection, and so far I have successfully purchased three (with more waiting for me at the post office!). I find Rimmel's products so reliable and so worth the money, which isn't as near as expensive as it's rival drugstore brands. 

The latest formulas for their lipsticks; the Kate Moss Collection and the Matte Collection are big sellers to women and girls everywhere with their excellent coverage, creamy texture and long lasting colour. These are three of my favourite colours: Shades 03, 080 One Of A Kind and 107 which is highly popular due to the high praise fashion blogger Zoella has given it throughout her videos. 
I can guarantee you'll love the vast variety of colours in these new ranges and they can be purchased from any online or high street drugstore (£5.49). I hope this has given you a slight insight to the products and that you find a colour to suit you!

Please leave suggestions of which products you would like me to review in the future.

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Love you all!

PS- I am so so so so soooo sorry for the large expanse of time I have abandoned my blog and you beautiful people for! I shall be blogging (hopefully) much more now I am posting slightly less on instagram.


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